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Belly of the beast flow, running from my destiny
He ain’t chosen to give out these recipes for his soul
Apologies in advance to a hater, I know you want me gone
And when they telling me to quit I hear they want some more

All the art nigga, lacing up the trucks niggas
Chef Curry never letting up until I’m done with you
Real pain and peace, you can’t tame the beast
That rap life give game for free
OG in my corner, I’m grounded rеmember wherе I’m from
Still I gotta know I ain’t regular look how far I come
Boy I’m really him I was running from the facts
To see that you embrace it or the universal take it
You call me cocky homie I’m sorry that I ain’t basic

I take it back my nigga it kills you that I’m amazing
Imagine me apologizing for your entertainment
For changing people’s lives and sharing gifts that I came with
I’m really him really to go pro with the ghost flow
It never show boating in Florida I’m for sure bro
Ingenious bars quoting from Okinawa with a whole boking
Therapist people that’s still healing from homes broken

Don’t let them take away your soul brother
Don’t let them demons make you turn against your own brother
Shit hit the fan it don’t matter how you identify
When everyone denied you who is open saying get inside
Y’all be focused on the wrong shit
White, black, brown you get shot up by your own kin

White, black, brown I ain’t fuckin’ with that woke shit
Tik Tok scrolling ass thinking that they know shit
Solo on a road trip rent it out a whole whip
Population 50 where I’m staying mama don’t trip
I ain’t scared of nothing even death shit
I need the fucking rest till that day I’m living blessed yo


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